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Beauty In Balance Salon uses Cruelty Free and organic as possible products and is constantly researching to be sure we are using the most updated, effective professional and safe products available.

Our Promise

1.  Consistency.

You can appreciate the security of knowing your beauty professional is on top, on task, and “with it.”  Consistency is key.  Accurate information documented every single time and then reviewed at each appointment time.

2.  Your Voice Matters.

This is a relationship!   Know you are being listened to  and you have a voice in your beauty services.  Your lifestyle and expectations come FIRST.  Once this data is obtained, then you will have an informed stylist accommodating YOUR haircare needs.

3.  This is a Relationship.

And the only way to build a relationship is to get to know each other.  That takes time and for someone to take interest in your life.   Average appointments in salons are about 2 hours.  These two hours are designed specifically for you.  If you would like to talk, then talking it is,  if you need some down quiet time, quiet time it is.   Accommodating where you are at that time helps to  create a stronger and more meaningful relationship.

4.  Little extras.

Enjoy soothing scalp massages, stress relieving treatments,  hand massages or a heated back massager while you’re processing.  All complimentary with different services.  You have the stylists undivided attention.  Only one client at a time.  You deserve the best.

Hair Services

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We offer Custom Hair Design &
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Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis
Explore the benefits of Organic Care - Hair Analysis for Cosmetic Care Allows You To Take Control Of Your Hairs Health


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Since 2000, Simply Organic has been the leader in the development of natural and organic products for the salon and spa community.